Dear Alana

Dear Alana, I know what had happened. I know you hadn’t eaten. You set the plate down on the counter. You weren’t hungry anymore, the pangs you felt in your stomach faded away and you were finally feeling like you could walk without collapsing. The red sauce and pasta strewn across the plate were cold and unpalatable, you would have to simply force yourself to eat the meal … Continue reading Dear Alana

A Change Will Do You Good.

When I turned 11, my parents had a surprise for me: we were going to move to the UK effective immediately. Being someone who grew up on Enid Blyton books, I was ecstatic, thinking that life there would involve pulling pranks on the French teacher, secret midnight feasts and eating fresh baked scones every day. I was bitterly disappointed. The moment we pulled up to … Continue reading A Change Will Do You Good.