Thorns and Forbearance

Too often than not, people of different sexual orientation have a hard time figuring out and accepting themselves for who they are. Unexpectedly, there is that one friend that stands by you in your journey of self-discovery. This is the ode to that friend, and to all the people who have the courage to be who they really are, and are proud of themselves. Continue reading Thorns and Forbearance

Silences, and Lovers turned strangers

It was always so loud, so obvious, the silence between us and the empty space in my bed from when you walked out some nights. You always came back though, vodka on your breath, sometimes whole, with blooming bruises on your neck and other times so broken that I would tuck you in bed with a soft kiss on your forehead and you’d grab my … Continue reading Silences, and Lovers turned strangers

I’m Not Glass…

You realize I’m not glass, Or are you oblivious to that too? Maybe you’ve just forgotten who I was, In your intricate plans to get back the inflated pride that I inadvertently crushed. I know you think about what could have been, But darling you know you it never would have been. You seem to live in your own world of vengeance and lust, Forgetting … Continue reading I’m Not Glass…

Family Attacks and Generation Gap

I sit at the table, trepidation And fear builds up, as I prepare Myself for the vicious, vile venom to spew from the maws of the people for who I care.   “Oh! What a surprise!” uttered as The first attack. A simple blow, not too hard just yet. But fast, comes the onslaught. Each one, each misinformed member has a go.   Comment after … Continue reading Family Attacks and Generation Gap