The Cultural and Social Background of the Play ‘A Doll’s House’

‘A Doll’s House,’ a part of the epicentre of modern literature, was scripted and produced in the early 19th century. This was a kairotic period in the nascent stages of the Feminist movement in Norway. The world (setting) created by Henrik Ibsen in his play – ‘A Doll’s House’ has a stark similarity to the world that Ibsen lived in-the 19th century Norway. The cognate … Continue reading The Cultural and Social Background of the Play ‘A Doll’s House’

Family Attacks and Generation Gap

I sit at the table, trepidation And fear builds up, as I prepare Myself for the vicious, vile venom to spew from the maws of the people for who I care.   “Oh! What a surprise!” uttered as The first attack. A simple blow, not too hard just yet. But fast, comes the onslaught. Each one, each misinformed member has a go.   Comment after … Continue reading Family Attacks and Generation Gap

Be Your Own Aesthetic

Ever felt conscious of your Indian accent when talking to someone with, say, a British or an American accent? That’s a very small result of how toxic mainstream youth culture is to us. We’re constantly exposed to instances that glorify everything that’s from the west and downplay anything that’s our own. We all know that one friend who goes to New York for a week and comes back with a terrible, terrible fake accent. Being able to speak English is considered to be synonymous to being considered “cool” or “smart”. We take turns to make fun of our friends’ mispronunciations, as though English is the only language we’ve ever had in our country.  We all know people who wouldn’t ever hesitate to trash talk our societal rules, our traditions, our ethics. Continue reading Be Your Own Aesthetic