An Open Letter To Society

I’d never be beautiful, you said.“Never”, I agreed. I’d never be witty, you said.“Never”, I agreed I’d never be you, you said.“Never”, I agreed.   For, upon the stars sat God, and he made me, to be me. Not to please your aesthetic sense of beauty. Your confidence remained silent, While my insecurities were loud. Your confidence remained concealed, While my insecurities were exposed. My … Continue reading An Open Letter To Society


She’s seen you through your first heartbreak. Killed the wasp who dared to sting you, Never let an insect near you. You poured your heart out to her and she soaked it all up. She felt the emotions you did. You spent 4 years dealing with each other’s mood swings, Didn’t spare a person who dares disrespect the other. Bore each other’s silence and celebrated … Continue reading They