About Us

This beautiful but treacherous world has many hidden stories waiting to be unfolded. I have always found it fascinating that every tree, every brick in an ancient monument, every tail wag of my dog friends and every tear and sparkle you see in one’s eye hides a special story behind it. Teenagers and young adults today, have intriguing stories they would want to share with the world but as they aren’t given the opportunity, as a result, most of these hidden stories are lost along the way.

Belles Lettres is an online magazine that serves as a platform for every individual to be able to express themself. I felt that we as teenagers need to be able to express ourselves, and the written word seems to be a predominant instrument of expression. Consequently, I founded this magazine where teenagers from around the world can contribute the ‘Paroxysms’, and finally have a platform for their emotions, opinions or even their outlook on life.

Asavari Singh