I’m out of breath.

But I don’t stop.

Something’s chasing me.

And I’m running.

Sweating. Crying like a fool and if I knew any better I would confront whatever it is that wants me so bad.

But I don’t.

I’m running.    

The world is dark and though my vision is getting dark and blurry I see light at the end of it. I hear the growls and the screams of what’s behind me and yet, my heart wants to continue running. Everyone else around me has let it devour them but they didn’t give up all that easy. Those brave soldiers fought with every muster of resilience they had in their body. They tried. And though the world will never see it, I know they weren’t sinners. I know they were innocent. And so I run. I’m out of breath but I don’t stop. I’ll run till I’m whole again. I’ll run with every last breath, last hope and last shred of confidence. Failure may be inevitable, but it’s okay. I won’t stop.

Sunaina Garimella

Photograph: Painted Wood

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