Death: The Eternal Truth

Life has come to an end,

 The moments I lovingly spend,

approach fast like a train,

as if everything in vain.  

That essence of mine is about to leave,  

as if carried away by a breeze. 

Every part of me is dying,  

my body is still lying, 

my wickedness haunts me, 

my conscience taunts me, 

for all the hurt that I caused, 

for all the miseries I created, 

I seek forgiveness, 

but now it’s too late, 

time tells me straight. 

Departing from this world, 

my eyes have become blind,  

I leave everything behind. 

I am filled with regret,  

for the things I didn’t care, 

for the love, I didn’t show, 

made my soul go low.  

I am leaving this world, 

leaving behind all that I have earned, 

Oh, Merciful!

Cast upon me some ruthe, 

Death is the Eternal Truth.

  -Varun Kulkarni

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