Mind in Despondency

Broken and bruised
By expressing emotion,
For a crime she was accused
With feelings as vast as the ocean,
She submitted to a man with an abundance of devotion.

Never will she realize,
Her will shouldn’t be suppressed,
She has no reason to cry and apologize,
Not standing up for herself left her heavily depressed;
Always she wishes that with a strong mind,

A free spirit she had been blessed.

I’m sorry,
A phrase she commonly used,
Fueling his ego, leaving him amused.

Smiling through the tears,
Because, of high class should be her beauty,
While dressed shabbily he gulped down beers,
She applied makeup to complete her feminine duty,
That being, looking captivating without appearing too snooty.

I exist only to be a subordinate,
From the start, a bias was formed,                                                                 

“You are a man”
For that reason he was taught to be strong, 
to rule, to dominate,   
Trying to take his position as the superior, 
For her, a woman, was a ban.

I must adjust,
For my survival it is a must.
To a man, I Invariably acquiesce,
I pay no heed to my heart, my mind, my life, It’s all a mess.

I have only one wish,
If I get another chance to live,
To be born as a man so that women I won’t squish,
A life where, for being myself I don’t have to beg him to forgive.

Why be a wife,
If I am going to end up not having a life?

~Oishika Hota

Photographer: Soham Joshi

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