Not All & Sundry

Not everyone will hold you,
Some will force to mould you.
Not everyone will listen to you,
Some will break the brittle you.
Not everyone will walk with you,
In their free time,some will just talk to you.
Not everyone will choose,
Some will avoid you with excuse.
Not everyone will admire your soul,
Some will expect more and more.
Not everyone will scold you,
Some will just scroll past you. 
Not everyone can keep you calm,
Some will be there just to harm.
Not every bright thing is light,
True and facked differ a slight.
It all depends on what you decide,
From whom you hide ,to whom you recite.
Not everyone will make you their pride,
To reach their goal,some will use you to glide.
Believe their actions,not fob of your sight.
Not everyone can give you the glowing insight.

~Arpita Tiwari   

Photographer: Soham Joshi

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