A Story of Isolation

A man sits on a lonely ledge staring out into a great expanse , the afternoon sun beating him down just as all of life did before, however the cool breeze of the sea acts as a friend in this hostile environment, it may be the only one he has these days, everywhere he looks he sees sets of three or more, shows of comradery, a sense of belonging . He looks back on his younger days as he slips into the subtle crevices of his mind he remembers when he had friends, a sense of comradery. Everyone he’s ever loved has left him, yet he sits contemplating the embrace of the great beyond. This is when loneliness turns to isolation when it becomes more than an experience, it becomes a part of you. He becomes surrounded by a looming aura of undeniable emptiness. He stares out to his left, he doesn’t know what he’s hoping to find, just then he sees a familiar face, a ghost of his past, The expanse just got a little smaller.

~Aryan Jhaveri

Photographer: Soham Joshi

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