2019 General Elections

Indian 2019 general elections, which will comprise the 17th Lok Sabha of the country (post Independence) are right around the corner, with two of India’s most powerful political parties contesting (not so) neck to neck over the governance of the country.

The question most find themselves asking is whether Shri Narendra Modi will be able to retain his power or will ‘India’s beloved’ Rahul Gandhi prove himself worthy enough and uproot the current government and claim his throne? Maybe the nation will end up with an oh-so-sustainable coalition government.

The biggest joke that Indian politics has played is on those who are staunch Modi supporters but quite against BJP as the ruling party. BJP is not Modi but Modi is BJP.

‘Chowkidar’ Narendra Modi, who was once a mere chai wala, has been praised for his endeavours as a politician, however at the same time, the political party to which he is currently the leader has been at the receiving end of vast amount of criticism for its divisive ideologies and usage of religion as a political plank.  The failure of demonetization, mishandling of Kashmir and many such others (the most pressing matter of all,obviously being, the beef ban) has led to a vast number of people being Anti-Modi as well.

Part of the BJP agenda is, thrust on national security of India, scrapping of articles 35A and 370 and Vikas of the Kisan. Although, if not BJP, the nation will end up handing over ‘Papa’s Singhaasan’ to Rahul Gandhi, who, in the opinion of most Indians is not suited for politics.

The game plan by the congress is ‘hum nibhayenge’ which involves 72,000 rupees being sent to 5 crore of the poorest households in India annually. They have also stressed on the population to stress on real issues like joblessness, farmer’s distress and safety and security of women.

 The biggest disadvantage of BJP in the eyes of the Janta are its Hindu nationalist ideals and for INC is quite possibly the man aiming to be prime minister himself.

Flaws are ever present in every aspect of national polity.

The main question here is, what are we willing to lose and for how small of a gain?

                                            –Oishika Hota

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