Navneet ‘Unintentionally’ Normalizing Animal Cruelty

‘The Unfaithful Dog’ – a short story for children was published by Navneet Education House and has become the epicentre of indignation among activists and owners. The story propagates hatred towards animals and normalizes animal cruelty, while also refuting the valuable morals of forgiveness and kindness. The story portrays a shepherd who beats his dog and eventually hangs him, despite the dog begging for forgiveness.

Reading about such incidents in a children’s story book tends to make the young impressionable mind of a child believe that this is morally correct and acceptable behaviour, and strips them of their innate humanity. Children are not born with a vindictive or vicious outlook on life, but such stories, coupled with the callousness instilled within our community, mould the child and compel him to move away from his innocence.

When conversing with an employ at Navneet – Alpesh (Digital Marketing), he assured the stop in production of this particular book. He also mentioned that the publishing house will be revamping such books and are withdrawing such books from the market. Navneet Education House, at the moment is deliberating over an accurate plan of action.

As a Writer and an Editor, I certainly believe that the publishers at Navneet must be more careful about their publications as their audience is not only at a stage in their lives where they are extremely receptive to the world around them but are also rather sensitive and must not be exposed to such content.

In our 200,000-year sojourn on earth, our tales of adventure, joy and misery have been an intrinsic part and a constant in our dynamic lifestyle. I hope Navneet Education House lives up to its name and continues our tradition of stories, with the right value of course.

-Asavari Singh, Editor-in-Chief

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