Did you look for rainbows today 
I caught them shivering under heavy quilts,
Even when
Between their shoulders rests a heart that works double time
Once to live twice to heal 
Survival is a contact sport when you’re fighting for your identity, you see

You’ll have to look a little harder for the rainbows today
They look different- 
It’s always been too cold outside for their warm hues
They’re living their days trapped in their blues

How have you not seen the rainbows today? 
They’re singing songs, can’t you hear their pride is a language that has sprouted like petrichor after the storm,
Still aching to be felt. 
You’ll find the rainbows today 
Maybe hiding their pot of gold in that twice beating heart
Because I can’t seem to find the end

-Parth Rahatekar

Photograph: Soham Joshi

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