By textbook definition in terms of adjectives, binary refers to- relating to, composed of, or involving two things. This can be seen by the use of the word ‘binary’ in combinations with nouns like binary fission, binary fusion, binary star, binary code, binary notation, etc. You know sometimes they say that saying a word too many times makes it lose meaning eventually. To prove that fact, go back and read the first few lines a few more times than you already did (I know you probably won’t, but it’s worth a shot.)

Now another fun fact; computers use binary code. It is their language of 0s and 1s that we created which allow them to function. One more fact; human brains are often compared to computers. Okay, last fact (I promise); HUMANS ARE NOT BLOODY COMPUTERS.

That is correct people. Humans are not simplistic inanimate objects that are easily expendable. Now you must be wondering where this is all going. Trust me, I have a point. And that point is to say that humans cannot be defined by just two genders.

You must be thinking, “Wow. She reached her point fast. Thought that she would draw out this piece of writing a bit more. Wait… my internal dialogue being used to draw out this work?”, to which I answer yes. Yes, it is. Now back to my topic; computers and the human brain.

The reason why I did not say computers versus human brains is because I have this really weird belief that humans have modelled-unintentionally-all of their inventions and machinery after our own inner mechanisms. Yeah, I get it, it’s way more complicated than that. Just because the most fundamental mechanisms of an object are the same as the basic way a
human brain works doesn’t……mean…….

And BAM. I hope you have medical insurance because you have been absolutely STRUCK with realization. Especially in terms of how a computer retrieves information, processes it, stores it, and has an output. Similarly, a brain retrieves information, processes it, encodes it, and stores, and sometimes even has an output in the form of behaviour (trust me…..I study

Here is the difference though. Computers, although complicated in their own way, do not even come close to the level of connections and confusing complications of the neurons and synapses in the human brain. So what makes you think that humans can have the same binary in any aspect of our lives, let alone something as complicated and fluid, and even ABSTRACT, as gender? Think about that the next time you try to shame someone for not conforming to such a simplistic and unimpressive thought process.

-Yukta Bhagat
Photographer: Soham Joshi

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