Stolen Breaths

To all those people who think one day of silence is going to change anything,
It isn’t.

You waste your minutes with silence, I wish you’d understand that these breaths that you take were stolen from those soldiers. They paid for god knows what and this is how you waste these borrowed breaths? Silence? 1 min of silence? Is this the time for silence? For regret? Yes, claim that you didn’t know them, because if you did you wouldn’t be accepting this silence. You would want to scream. THEY KILLED ONE OF US!!!

Not one in fact. 12. But what is 12 in a country of  1,362,295,696? People die every day. But that doesn’t make it okay. People are born every day and we share happiness each time. But death? Death of someone over something they didn’t even have a hand in. What about that?

The government now makes a huge deal out of what happened. (At least after the media covered it) or that would’ve passed us with nothing. Soldiers die on daily basis in this country. And guess what? The government markets the cost of their life in money. And maybe an honorary award later. But the people? People crib about the government when they themselves are unaccountable. 

Have you actually done anything for the lives of the defence forces? No instead you take away their ration. You take away their food. With no increase in their salary. You take away their privileges, you take away their prestige. You deny them the status they deserve. They’ve never been named in the newspaper. They die without their stories known. WHY?

Because you were jealous? Trying risking your life at the border lines. Ask someone who’s been afraid for their father or their mother? Do you even have the courage to think about making that choice?
I beg the government to keep their political wars out of the defence forces. They’ve got actual wars to fight.

-Ridhima Dhankar

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