I Watched You Fall Out Of Love With Me…

I paint you in shades of pink// kiss the lipstick mark I left on your cheek// ruby hued.

I bury my head in the pillow on the left side of the bed when you wake up// and take in the scent of your coconut shampoo// I hate that it now reminds me of home. 

I jump on you right as you walk in the door// wrap my hands in your hair// dressed in your favourite shirt.

But it no longer brings a smile to your face// you look away// disheveled and too tired to speak// you fall into bed// turn away and go to sleep. 

Your morning kisses don’t warm me the same//your eyes too far away// a distance I can’t seem to traverse. 

You don’t yell at me when I forget to take the dog on her walk// you forget to leave a love note for me on the fridge// you forget my favourite sweater of yours at work// but you drop the key under the mat when you leave.

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