Procrastination, Putting Off Your Pains Till Tomorrow.

Procrastination, the devil incarnate I would say.
I have come to the realization that there is no greater evil today.
Targets are defined, the goal is there, how to accomplish it is theoretically very obviously there.
Then why, oh why, do we see, that the majority do not meet the target with time to spare?

Parents and teachers hover over your shoulder, stressed and ranting.
“I’ll do it na, just chill. There’s time a plenty still”. Standard answers, run of the mill.
There’s so much more happening stuff to do.
Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, friends to follow, likes to be sent, so much to do.
There’s a world of more interesting things that need to be done right now.
Studies and assignments? “ahh! I’ll do it na” I say, “chill please get off my back.”

“Child, your exams, are around the corner, homework to be done and then there are submissions to be made, thereafter.
If you don’t do it now, your life won’t be made.”
More ranting and raving and a whole lot of stress… parents, I say, they drive you up the wall. Nothing less.
“Ya, ya, I’ll do it,” I say.
There’s this new video and song, all are discussing it.
I need to see them and put in my say.
“One has to be in it, you know? Else what’s life” I say.

“We’re going to school, aren’t we. Things will fall into place.
Assignments, I’ll do and the exams? They’re still a good ten days away.”
A faint bell rings in my mind… my parents’ words come to prey, “six subjects my child,
You have to learn to apportion your time. Minimum three days per subject are very much in line.”
“Do your math and add up the days.”
“Else, you’ll be left wanting, so please child, start counting.”
“Discipline and regular work is what will help you achieve all in time.”
“Be disciplined,” they say “and you’ll never be wanting.”
“Life has a way of rewarding those who don’t procrastinate.”
“Do things in time and they’ll be done to your potential.”
“To get a good score, putting in the effort at the right time is essential.”

The words now seem wise but, what do I do.
I’ve been so busy doing all those things I held so important.
There is hardly any time left to complete and put in my assignments.
Studies for the exam? There’s no time for that.
I’ll need to study all night and yet once again,
I’ll get the average scores, I can’t reverse.
My parents’ words ring true… “Work done at the last minute is bound to be poor.”
I’ve come to realise that, I could do and score so much more.

Alas, had I listened and realised the advice was well meaning.
And backed up with a whole lot of experience and feeling.
Oh! I’ve come to realise the wisdom of their words.
I mentally promise myself, “not again, no more procrastination, I have a life to make, much more meaningful.”
As said by my parents, to achieve, to my potential, discipline and grit is very
“Balance is the key,” they say.
“Study, play and leisure are equally important.”
“Life is to live with joy, discipline, and abundance.”
“It’s the way of the world,” they again repeat.
“To live a good life, discipline is the key, overcome procrastination, and the sky is your limit.”
“Those that conquer it, will never lack or want.”

I realise it’s true, and promise myself, that in the next exam and goal I’ll be true to my potential, I’ll conquer and put paid to that devil called procrastination. 
The mind is made up, the resolve is there…
Oh, wait! There’s this new song and movie and the whole world’s commenting, the sexy new star is really amazing. 
There’s this test next week, but there is still time my mind says… what harm if I catch a few movies and put forth my views.
After all, there’s a world out there to impress!
“I’ll study later na” my mind cajoles me.
And I’m drawn back into the vicious cycle of procrastination.
Oh, when will I learn!
That, with steely resolve, if I overcome, this devil PROCRASTINATION.
I’ll truly find my place in this world and leave a mark of my own.
Which, no disrespect to others, may not matter to the world but will make me feel proud, that I have done lo behold, with all effort and full dedication, and more importantly, unfettered of procrastination.

-Riya Ghule

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