I’m Not Glass…

You realize I’m not glass,
Or are you oblivious to that too?
Maybe you’ve just forgotten who I was,
In your intricate plans to get back the inflated pride that I inadvertently crushed.
I know you think about what could have been,
But darling you know you it never would have been.
You seem to live in your own world of vengeance and lust,
Forgetting that life has more to offer.
Maybe that’s who you’ve become,
Maybe that’s who you always were.
I’d never know,
And I’m certain
That I’m not sticking around to find out.
Unlike glass,
I’m not shattered,
Unlike glass,
I won’t stay hurt,
Unlike glass,
You can’t break me.
Unlike love,
You were just a consequence,
Of my idiocy.

-Asavari Singh

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