Family Attacks and Generation Gap

I sit at the table, trepidation

And fear builds up, as I prepare

Myself for the vicious, vile venom

to spew from the maws of the

people for who I care.


“Oh! What a surprise!” uttered as

The first attack. A simple blow,

not too hard just yet. But fast,

comes the onslaught. Each one,

each misinformed member has a go.


Comment after comment after

Comment, thrown so casually.

As good-natured laughter

leaves my mouth, pretending I’m not a



Comment after comment after comment.

Each more irritating, more

Infuriating, more deceptively flamboyant

than the last. It feels like a

Competition and they are keeping




My first instinct is to escape!


“Again with the phone. This

generation is so addicted

Lately! How unfortunate. Tisk tisk”


There goes my patience.

I shall be many things,

But not condescended.


I prepare my attack, knowing

full well the consequences,

“As I recall, you were uninformed because

Of your lack of knowledge, with drugs and propaganda flowing,

As well as having a strange addiction to building fences”


Before a counterattack occurs, I retreat

Excusing myself, I leave with a smirk

saying I need a nap.

Behind me, I hear a strong rebuttal indeed,

“Sorry dear, it’s the generation gap”

-Yukta Bhagat

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