An Open Letter To Society

I’d never be beautiful, you said.“Never”, I agreed.

I’d never be witty, you said.“Never”, I agreed

I’d never be you, you said.“Never”, I agreed.


For, upon the stars sat God, and he made me, to be me.

Not to please your aesthetic sense of beauty.

Your confidence remained silent,

While my insecurities were loud.

Your confidence remained concealed,

While my insecurities were exposed.

My sleeves covered the scars,

The scars, that reflected your mockery.


As I said, One day I’d be beautiful, Never, you laughed.

One day I’d be witty, Never, you laughed.

I looked around, every day watching you

pull down people for who they were.

I watched while you made them conceal

who they were and fit your cut-outs of perfection.


I drew upon a short breath, And replied,

You are right when you say,

I will never be what you want me to.

For, I don’t fear unveiling my masks,

And embracing myself for who I am.


You couldn’t laugh anymore.

For once, Your insecurities were loud,

While mine remained silent.

Your insecurities were exposed,

While mine remained concealed.

And that is when I concluded-

Confidence is silent insecurity,

Confidence is concealed insecurity.


For once I felt beautiful,

For once I felt witty,

As you couldn’t mock me anymore.

-Vedika Rathore

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