I Remember

I remember I once saw the pigs fly,

Amongst the milky white clouds,

Leading me to the end of a rainbow.


I remember I expected a pot of gold,

With a cute little leprechaun on top of it,

But instead, I found big mushrooms,


I remember the small people living in them,

Reminding me of Alice,

And her journey in wonderland,


I remember how nothing made sense,

But it was so wonderful,

Captivating indeed, as it held me, prisoner,


I remember being detained,

By some wide-roofed dancing mushrooms,

Along with some fetid leaves and tiny pills,


I remember losing my appetite,

And succumbing to my incarcerator,

Who destroyed my being,


I remember it eating me alive,

Slowly, one breath, one gasp at a time,

Until I finally gave way,

Until I finally gave way.

-Raahi Khinvasara

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