Stay Strong…

Trivial matters start to prick,

Heart fills up with rue of the billion opportunities and experiences forgone.

Life seems like a joke and you feel like a bigger one.

Pain flows through your bloodstream.

Anguish fills up the chest, trying to beat its way out.

Hate, probably the only feeling known which is directed all towards the self, the pain takes over your soul.

Every reason for the predicament caused to the world, only one entity – you.

Taking a tour inside the mind of a self-hater we catch only a glimpse of the sorrow encountered by one.

The distress has learned that there are no bounds, it spreads like an infection, gradually becoming the ruler of the melancholy mind.

Words said in jest are quite often not responded to very well by the population in distress.

A life is at stake and a breath’s importance is put to waste.

In the end, the inner self can’t take it anymore and the feelings erupt, a muddled mind acting impulsively resorts to hurting none other than itself.

Physical pain becomes a substitute for emotional affliction.

One cut causing relief for a second followed by added ache to the spirit and flesh.

For momentary pleasure one is willing to add to their already shattered personage.

The concept of self-injury in an enigma, the psyche is immensely arduous to comprehend.

The motivation to perform this activity might have an abundance of agents.

Distraction from the instigators of the paroxysm in emotions being the first.

Sadness makes these individuals numb, to free themselves of the paralyzation. To get rid of the otherwise disassociated sensation. Tribulation may lead to one being unable to successfully express strong emotions. They fail to articulate their mental state. One who finds themselves guilty for every atrocious situation see one them may sense the need to punish themselves. This is conveniently done by treating their bodies with zero respect.
They lose themselves in order to build them back again without realizing that once their essence is lost, so are they. Lastly, as mentioned beforehand, they feel temporary but intense feeling of euphoria that is an immediate outcome of harming oneself.

In a world full of entities who simply cannot appreciate themselves enough, those who have lost their path and haven’t come to terms with that fact that they have, we must help.

In order to recognize someone is hurting themselves follow the steps after-mentioned
Start with trusting your instincts when someone with signs of self-injury is spotted.
Keep in mind that methods of self-injury are profuse.

Instead of yelling, getting disappointed or angry, understand them and put yourself in their shoes. If you still are unable to relate, remember that both of you are different and that not everyone experiences situations the same way that you do.

Let the self-injurer know that you care, win their trust and create a bond with them, ask them why they have chosen to take this step. Listen to them (with an open mind) show them empathy, identify the reason.

In the end, offer alternatives. Help them manage themselves emotionally. Find ways to identify triggers.

Don’t keep this a secret! Look for medical help and mind that you must ALWAYS be a source of support, be it by helping them take their medications or by taking care of yourself too. Even one person can make a change in their lives.

From the perspective of a former self-harmer, the author of the blog AUT OF SPOONS gives the following 10 reasons why you should stop and that it’s of no help to you in any way.

10. When you hurt yourself, you are surrendering to all the voices telling you that you suck.
9. Visiting a hospital after self-harm can be quite dehumanizing
8. Hiding scars is a hassle
7. It is a serious mess
6. The day after, the pain isn’t pleasurable anymore.
5. Your loved ones
4. So much wasted energy
3. It limits your life
2. It stops working after a while

There is a lot that the world has offered us to live for. It’s not solely about being physically present it is also about being there mentally.

You’re important, needed and are a beautiful soul.

You deserve the best there is!

Be happy
Always 🙂

-Oishika Hota

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