I Don’t Have A Crush On You…

No, I don’t have a crush on you,

My cheeks are simply burning with embarrassment.

Don’t mistake my wretched pink hue,

It is simply worriment.

So when you catch me subtly staring at you,

It is solely because my eyes are suddenly frozen,

It is most certainly not a peek a boo.


When you ask me to talk about myself,

There are easily a million things I want to say.

Trust me, for some reasons unknown, I don’t want to make a fool out of myself

So all I can really do is sit here anxiously and pray,

Pray that you won’t shut me out

I’d really like for you to stay.


No, I’m not shopping for my little brother,

I really do like consoles.

Your judgment makes my passion wither,

It feels like I’m being raked over coals.

I feel myself inexplicably losing my mind,

In front of you, I have no self-control.

So for those of you out there,

Who are just like me

Help me clear the air,

Between the devil and the deep blue sea.


-Alifia Pardawala

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