100 Writers 1 Story

Get Published TODAY!

Are you a budding poet? Looking for your work to be published and recognised? You’ve come to the right place!

The top 100 Poets selected in the 100 Writers 1 Story Poetry Competition will receive the chance to be published in their VERY OWN book!!


  1. The winner of the competition will receive 5000 INR as a prize!
  2. Top 10 poets will have the opportunity to have a unique feature in the Belles Lettres Magazine!
  3. Top 100 Poets will have their poems published in their very own book!
  4. All poems will be published in the Belles Lettres Magazine!



  1. Poems must be submitted in English
  2. You can submit poems of any genre or theme!
  3. The Poem should have a minimum of 100 words, no maximum limit.
  4. Poems must be in English
  5. Multiple Submissions are welcome 🙂


  1. Poets must be 13 years or older.
  2. Entry Fee is 300 INR/ 4 USD
  3. Plagiarised poems will not be published.
  4. All Nationalities are welcome!

Individual Feed Back

All writers entering the Poetry Writing Competition will receive Individual Feedback for each piece of writing submitted by the Founder of Belles Lettres Magazine – Asavari Singh

Writing is a creative process and journey to self-discovery. We at Belles Lettres would be honoured to be part of YOUR journey. All submitted peices of poetry will be analyzed and contructive feedback will be emailed to you in a couple weeks. This will help you understand your areas of strength and the impact of your poetry on the reader, helping you grow as a writer 🙂



Why wait to be a published? Here is your opportunity to be heard!

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Contact Us

Email: contact.belleslettres@gmail.com

Phone Number: +36 20 259 6858

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