Death: The Eternal Truth

Life has come to an end,  The moments I lovingly spend, approach fast like a train, as if everything in vain.   That essence of mine is about to leave,   as if carried away by a breeze.  Every part of me is dying,   my body is still lying,  my wickedness haunts me,  my conscience taunts me,  for all the hurt that I caused,  for all the … Continue reading Death: The Eternal Truth

The Cultural and Social Background of the Play ‘A Doll’s House’

‘A Doll’s House,’ a part of the epicentre of modern literature, was scripted and produced in the early 19th century. This was a kairotic period in the nascent stages of the Feminist movement in Norway. The world (setting) created by Henrik Ibsen in his play – ‘A Doll’s House’ has a stark similarity to the world that Ibsen lived in-the 19th century Norway. The cognate … Continue reading The Cultural and Social Background of the Play ‘A Doll’s House’

Mind in Despondency

Broken and bruisedBy expressing emotion,For a crime she was accusedWith feelings as vast as the ocean,She submitted to a man with an abundance of devotion. Never will she realize,Her will shouldn’t be suppressed,She has no reason to cry and apologize,Not standing up for herself left her heavily depressed;Always she wishes that with a strong mind,A free spirit she had been blessed. I’m sorry,A phrase she … Continue reading Mind in Despondency